Automation and Digitization of Records

Colleges and universities deal with a large number of applications and records. And they have to keep all the records safe. It is a big and tedious job when done manually. Also it involves risk as paper tends to become weaker overtime. Switching to digital system is the only way to keep things safe and simple.

Automated system

Let’s make a system that consumes digital records and keep the documents safe in a database that is accessible to the system managers. We will keep everything in mind and consider every factor that can in anyway affect functionality of the system. The objective is to keep the system smooth and safe. Students can submit their applications and documents online and the crucial documents can be kept safe in the database.

We make the database

We can make the database where you can preserve all the applications and documents safe. It will work like your online record room that you can access anytime and also scan the record. The database will not only help maintain the documents but it will also help keep track of students and even staffers. But the biggest advantage of digital documents is that they will keep your manual staff free from the tedious job of maintaining and managing documents.

The database would work as expected

It would work like a tool and not as a platform. Here you can process the documents in addition to keeping them safe. Whenever you need information, you can visit the database and draw info. We will make the database fully functional. Also we can add more features to it. Students can easily upload their documents on the database and also the documents can be downloaded from the digital record.

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