Single Window System (SWS)

Single window system is an online platform for any Development Authorities or any Government offices for keeping the application records, complaints and other department related issues and suggestions.

This is a platform where department officials can also keep tracking of applications any time on real time bases. The aim of developing this system is to reducing the interface public and clerical departmental staff.

System can handle all department applications in a single interface, where user can easily upload his application and keep tracking of the application with daily updates on file, he will also get the SMS of application updates on his mobile time to time.

In case of any delay while handling the application by the clerical staff he can also raise the complaint against him/her online to their respective official.

    Portal’s some features are as given below:

  • Web based application, open for all users
  • Mobile friendly environment so that user can also access on his mobile, tablets
  • Hassle free application uploading system
  • Get alerts by Email and SMS also
  • Application tracking system
  • Application reporting system
  • User registration and many more additional features

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